Sunday Guelph Volleyball

Posted Sun Jun 25, 2017 - 06:46 PM

Welcome to Sunday Guelph Competitive Volleyball League. We are organized by volleyball enthusiasts in Guelph and surrounding areas. Our missions are:

To promote active lifestyles in all ages through team sports;
To promote volleyball skill development beyond the recreational level;
To promote social and professional networking in a friendly and cooperative environment.
We use the “6-2” (sometimes “5-1”) competitive formation in all our games. The formation has dedicated “Power”, “Middle”, “Setter” and “Offside” positions. Our league currently runs on Sunday afternoons. Each team will play 3 games (for about an hour) every Sunday between 1:00 and 5:00 excluding holidays and gym closures. There are two seasons every year: The fall season runs from October through December, and the winter season, from January through April. (Each season works out to have about 12 weeks due to gym availability.) We are a co-ed league. Teams are balanced based on skill level rather than gender. Most of our players are at the intermediate level or higher. We welcome new players and will try our best to accommodate everyone. If you are not already familiar with the “6-2” basics, we will teach you.

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